4/19/20 (11:05 AM) Ahhh today can be a day of rest. Rest you say, REALLY? Yes, relax & read the paper. Or have a cup of tea & read something spiritual. Or try making a special dinner (using only what you have in the house, you might have to use substitutions, that could be challenging). Play a board game with the family (ie. Scrabble or Monopoly, or the game of Life). Read a book you bought but never got around to reading it. Whatever you choose to do today be “extremely in the moment” as Thich Nat Hahn would say. Love you all. Namaste. :-)

4/17/20 (1:08 PM) It’s been awhile since the last posting. How are you doing with all this? It seems as though we will not be able to open for another month or so because we are not listed as essential. Sooo I wondered how many closets you have cleaned out & organized? Have you cleaned out the garage? How many board games or card games have you played? Have you gone through your Crossword or Sudoku books yet? Started or completed any jigsaw puzzles? They do help to pass the time. I started one I got for Christmas of 12 different Sloths doing Yoga poses. And finally, do you take time to do a little yoga, take walks outside? And of course I am hoping you are using this time to set up a daily meditation practice.

4/4/20 (11:30AM) Good morning yogi’s! I am sure you all never thought this pandemic would last as long as it has, nor become as serious as it is. I hope all of you are healthy & safe. Hopefully you are practicing your yoga stretches & poses along with time for relaxation & meditation. This will help your physical, mental, & emotional being. I think of you often and miss you all so much. Some day we all will be together again. In the meantime: May you be healthy, may you be safe, and may you have an ease of well being that dwells in your heart.