5/20/20 (7:35 p.m.) In case you are wondering which phase of opening we are in, it is Phase 4. Tonight a simple practice: a. Knee Hug; b. Shrugs & Circles (with fingers on shoulders and elbows circling); c. Neck turns; d. Cat/Cow; e. Downward facing dog; f. Cat Balance; g. Cobra; h. Child Pose; i. Wind reliever; & j. Relaxation. Now the last Mindfulness Meditation; Breathe in, I feel tension in my_________. Breathing out, I let go of that tension. Pleasant dreams yogi’s. My thoughts are with you always.

5/13/20 (2:21 p.m.) I hope everyone is doing ok. I wondered if you remembered how to do the hand exercises and foot massages. If you do take the time today to go through them, it may just help you feel better. Update on re-opening-Erie Co. will be opening hopefully June 6th. That is the 1st group, we are in the 4th grp. It may not be till July or Aug. before the studio is able to open. I do hope it could come sooner, it all depends on how the covid-19 numbers go.

5/8/20 (8:25 p.m.) Did you ever wonder what “hatha”, as in hatha yoga, means? It is Sanskrit for “to yoke” or “to bind together” and refers to the bringing together or balancing of two opposing forces. The Sanskrit word for “sun” is ha and the Sanskrit word for “moon” is tha. All that we know- the universe, our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our spiritual selves – is always in a state of balance or imbalance between these two forces.