7/9/20 (9:15 a.m.) Zoom classes to begin

July 13th starts the 1st Zoom class.  If you haven’t checked the website yet to see the classes offered on the schedule you still have time to register for any of the classes offered next week.  The process is relatively easy, but I certainly understand this may be a totally new experience for some.   I needed to reach out to a few people to help me understand it and I still have much to learn as a “host”.   There is no limit on class size as it would have been if we met in person.

7/5/20 (4:00 p.m.) ZOOM progress

Update on the Zoom classes.  My computer  is now set up for classes on Zoom.   Classes will start on July 13, 2020.  This will give me a week to familiarize myself with the process.   You will have to sign up for the Zoom App.  The July schedule will be posted on the website.  There were changes made to the schedule so carefully look over the classes offered and the day & time they meet.  You will be able to attend a class you like week after week because there is no longer a limit of the number of people attending.     I think you will like this option while  this pandemic situation is going on.  Certainly you can leave me a message with any of your concerns or questions.

7/3/20 – (10:00 p.m.) ATTENTION – NO reopening on July 6, 2020.

Hello everyone,  I regret to inform you that the re-opening will not be July 6th.  I have tried my best to make it happen and have run into one problem after another.  My plan though is to do zoom classes starting July 13th following the  new schedule.  Classes for July will be on a donation basis.  As time goes on and we all adjust I might offer more classes.  One of the benefits  with the zoom is I don’t have to worry about class size limit of 6 people only.  It also will be much better health wise pertaining to COVID-19.  It will be doable and easier on everyone.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, text, or leave a message through the contact page.     Namaste