5/3/20 (12:11 p.m.) If we open in May or June there will be many changes on how we meet. I am putting together a list of all the things we need to consider for everyone’s safety. Once it is complete I will post it and there will be signs as you come in whenever that may be. I am as anxious to open as you are to return. Keep up with your home practice and meditation. Hopefully you have used this time to put in place a regular meditation practice. It’s a beautiful day today to get outside with nature. Enjoy yogi’s & yogini’s.

5/2/20 (11:00 a.m.) Can you believe it is already May? It looks like we will be on lockdown at least till May 15th or possibly longer. I will continue to post on the news page & hope you find it helpful during this trying time of social distancing. Today a simple asana routine: Mountain pose; Chest Opener; Overhead Stretch; Arm Swings; Side Bends; 2-6 Sun Salutations; Stomach Lifts; Seated Twist of any variation; Pelvic Tilts or Bridge pose; finally Relaxation pose 10 minutes. Be smart follow Pause rules, stay safe, stay healthy, & take time to meditate on peace-serenity-compassion-contentment. Namaste!

4/21/20 (9:10 AM) Hi yogi’s & yogini’s. :-) It’s time for the daily dozen. See if you can do this practice every morning. Do as many of the movements that you know. Here is the daily dozen: 1) Overhead, 2) Side stretch, 3) Forward 4) Spread leg frward bend, 5) Tree – supported or unsupported, 6) Child’s, 7) Cat, 8) Lunge, 9) Cobra, 10) Locust, 11) Child’s, 12) Reclined twist. Always finish a practice with a 5-10 min. relaxation. Meditate on “I accept myself as I am”. Make this a joyful dday, you can do it. Namaste.

4/19/20 (11:05 AM) Ahhh today can be a day of rest. Rest you say, REALLY? Yes, relax & read the paper. Or have a cup of tea & read something spiritual. Or try making a special dinner (using only what you have in the house, you might have to use substitutions, that could be challenging). Play a board game with the family (ie. Scrabble or Monopoly, or the game of Life). Read a book you bought but never got around to reading it. Whatever you choose to do today be “extremely in the moment” as Thich Nat Hahn would say. Love you all. Namaste. :-)