Book, Music, & DVDs

These are some of the materials that you may find helpful and enjoyable as you do your practice.


  • “Yoga: Mastering the Basics” by Sandra Anderson & Rolf Sovik
  • “Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics” by Mara Carrico
  • “The Complete Idiot’s guide to Yoga”
  • “Every Woman’s Yoga” By Jamie Stover Schmitt
  • “Lilias! Yoga Gets Better with Age” by Lilias Folan


  • “A.M. Yoga Melodies” Gaiam ISBN 1-55961-663-6
  • “P.M. Yoga Melodies” Gaiam
  • “Lifescapes Yoga” Produced by Wayne Jones-Compass Productions
  • Yoga Zone Practice – Windham Hill
  • Yoga Zone Meditation – Windham Hill
  • “Yoga and Deep Relaxation” by John Grout (727) 461-0333
  • “Yoga Energy – Music in Harmony” Produced bty BMG Excelsior
  • “Music for Yoga – Innter Peace Music”
  • “Yoga” by Levantis Cat#40008-2
  • “Om Yoga Mix” Sequenced by Cyndi Lee
  • “Sound Yoga” by Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble
  • Sounding of the Planet
  • “Surrender – Mystical Music for Yoga”
  • “Music for Yoga” 3-CD Set by Steven Halpern Hear samples!
  • “The Method – reflective Yoga” ISBN 0-7396-0480-5 Inspired
  • “Classical Music for Yoga” Zen Lounge Music
  • “More Classics for Yoga” Radiance


A. “Yoga Mastering the Basics” 2 discs Beginner & Intermediate

  1. Flexibility, Strength, and Balance
  2. Deepen & Strengthen

B. “A. M./ P. M. Yoga” by Gaiam with Rodney Yee & Patricia Walen

C.  Lilias Folans DVD’s

  • “Basics”
  • “Energize”
  • “Better Health”
  • “Flowing Postures”
  • “AM & PM YOGA workouts for Seniors”

D.  “Yoga Journal’s Yoga for Longevity” with Rod Stryker

E.  Peggy Cappy

“Easy Yoga for Arthritis”,   “Back Care Basics”,  “Heart Healthy Yoga”, “Easy Yoga-The Secret to Strength & Balance”