History of Hatha

A philosophy, a science and a practical method of self-unfoldment. It is a tradition that began 6,000 years ago. “Ha” represents the sun and “tha” represents the moon, hence the practice of Hatha Yoga is the uniting of sun and moon bringing about a balance of body and mind. It is a very personal experience. As one begins to limber the body there is a corresponding sense of freedom that occurs in the mind. It can lead to a stronger body, a vitalized and focused mind that provides for greater self-understanding.

Hatha Yoga is the branch most practiced in the West. It is a perfect introduction that encompasses yoga stretches, postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. This is a practice that can lead to finding out who we are and our purposes in life.

Benefits: Strength, improved balance, reduced stress, flexibility, improved breathing and sleep through relaxation.


Eight Limbs of Yoga:

This system gives the practitioner the tools to achieve profound peace, which comes from merging with the object of contemplation.  The first four limbs of yoga can be practiced.  These are: yama, nyama, asana, and pranayama.  These preparatory stages make it more likely that the last four stages of pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi will unfold.  These last four result from steady practice or can even occur spontaneously.