Daily Stretching Routine-using Ujjayi Breath (Darth Vader breath)

  1. Overhead Stretch
  2. Hold the Overhead for 5-10 Seconds
  3. Chest Opening
  4.  Hold Chest Opening for 5 seconds
  5.  Shoulder Rotations
  6. Side Bend                                                                      All stretches are done with the Ujjayi breath
  7. Hold Send for 5 seconds
  8. Forward Bend
  9.  Hold Full Forward Bend for 5 seconds
  10. Standing Twist
  11. Chair Pose
  12. Stomach Lift (A&P)

Methods of payment since the Studio closed and all classes are now on Zoom.

Since the Studio has closed you can still use a credit card on Square to pay for 1 or more classes.  All classes are $12.  If you do not wish to use a credit card you have the option of sending a check to:  Kathy Zawadzki – Yoga                  P.O. Box 751     Buffalo, NY   14220

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me by phone, text, or e-mail.

Did you see the PBS special on Improving Memory?

These were 6 Memory Boosters mentioned on the show I thought to pass on.   1)Pay attention (mindfullness), 2) Movement – even if only 10 min. a day, 3) Sleep 7-9 hrs. a day,  4) Joy conditioning – focus on the joyful times not the sad times, 5) Meditation start with 5 min. a day, and 6) Life-long learning – study a new language, learn to play an instrument, read or listen to Audio books.

We exercise the body, but we need to exercise the brain too. The show also emphasized doing Brain Games either on the computer or phone.