Did you see the PBS special on Improving Memory?

These were 6 Memory Boosters mentioned on the show I thought to pass on.   1)Pay attention (mindfullness), 2) Movement – even if only 10 min. a day, 3) Sleep 7-9 hrs. a day,  4) Joy conditioning – focus on the joyful times not the sad times, 5) Meditation start with 5 min. a day, and 6) Life-long learning – study a new language, learn to play an instrument, read or listen to Audio books.

We exercise the body, but we need to exercise the brain too. The show also emphasized doing Brain Games either on the computer or phone.

4 In-Person classes now

Monday – Gentle class  6:30 pm – Jessie R. – Every 2nd Monday there will NOT be a class.

Tuesday – Beginner class  6:00 pm -Kathy Z. 

Wednesday – Gentle class  6:30 pm – Jessie R.

Thursday – Yoga For All Levels  11:00 am – Kathy Z.

2021 – Any In-Person class please read reminder.

This is a REMINDER: If you will be attending an IN-PERSON class in the future you will have to call to register and to find out if there is room in the class.  Also if you have any cold or flu like symptoms you will not be able to attend the class.  If you were visiting anyone who had Covid-19 or if you have had Covid yourself you can not attend for at least 10 days to protect other students. Masks (no gator face covering unless you have a mask underneath) will have to be worn at all times even though we will be 6 feet apart.  Please bring as few items as possible to class.  FYI: The studio has New Heppa filters  and is sanitized after every class.  Temps will be taken as you come in one at a time.  As always if you have any questions please feel free to call.