Update for yoga in the park 8/10/2022

If you are planning to attend tonight’s yoga at Mill Rd. Park, class starts at 6:30.    3 people have already canceled tonight, so if you are planning to come out you must call me at:  716-903-5020.

You might want to bring water for hydration. If bugs tend to bother you, you may consider bringing a bug repellent.  The ground may still be hard even after the rain so most of our practice will be standing with a seated relaxation/meditation at the end.  Hope to see you tonight.  Namaste!


Daily Stretching Routine-using Ujjayi Breath (Darth Vader breath)

  1. Overhead Stretch
  2. Hold the Overhead for 5-10 Seconds
  3. Chest Opening
  4.  Hold Chest Opening for 5 seconds
  5.  Shoulder Rotations
  6. Side Bend                                                                      All stretches are done with the Ujjayi breath
  7. Hold Send for 5 seconds
  8. Forward Bend
  9.  Hold Full Forward Bend for 5 seconds
  10. Standing Twist
  11. Chair Pose
  12. Stomach Lift (A&P)