UPDATES  for  the month of  SEPTEMBER:  Studio is now open.

      I am sorry to have to inform you of the following.  The Ai-Chi classes that were planned for a  Sept. 27th start, are being postponed until the sprained ankles are completely healed. 

     A Relaxation/Meditation weekend at Marienthal Bed & Breakfast is planned for Oct. 6, 7, & 8.   Mark your calendars, more info to come as we approach Oct.  The room in the Brick House is $130. and with Tax is $145.28, this includes pizza on Fri. night and breakfast on Sat. and Sun. morning.  Please pay for the room through Louise at Marienthal Country Inn.  The cost of the whole weekend seminar is $75.00.  You can pay for the seminar at the studio anytime.

There has been a couple cancellations for the weekend which opens up some spaces in the Brick House.  If you are interested please let me ASAP.

If you are in need of get away time to regenerate energy or gain some calmness in your life, consider the above Relaxation/Meditation weekend, you won't regret the time away.

   Please take the time to read the special note at the very bottom of this page re: electronic devices, fragrances, and if you will be missing class.  Thank you.


The following is information is reserved for the students of West Seneca Continuing Education  ONLY - (Yoga for 55+)

The next sessions Tues. & Thurs. will be starting (Tues. 10/17/17) and (Thurs. 10/019/17).  Class time is 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.      Register as soon as you can, these classes do fill up quickly.  If you don't receive a catalog,  wait till you see the catalog at the Library.  I don't think they are mailing them to all residents anymore.  You can also register on-line with the W.S. Schools.  If there is ever inclement weather, when the West Seneca Schools are clased, yoga 55+ classes are canceled as well.  As always if you have any questions you can call me at 903-5020.



  Please note the following:

  • Strong fragrances cause problems for people with allergies.  Please refrain from perfumes and aromatics so everyone can enjoy the class.
  • Take a break from media devices.  Please turn off your cell phone while in class. 
  • If you attend a class regularly (not people with odd schedules) and you know you won't be attending please call and leave a message.

Yoga By Kathy Zawadzki | Seneca/Mill Building 4184 Seneca St. - Suite 212 West Seneca, NY 14224 | Phone: (716) 903-5020